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Kemal Mudie Tosora

I2MP Data Science

An Enriching Journey

As an international student pursuing an MTech in Data Science at IIT Madras, my campus life has been amazing. The vibrant and diverse student community, along with the breathtaking natural beauty, have made my experience here truly memorable. I have grown and learned in a multicultural environment, broadening my horizons. The excellent research opportunities at IIT Madras have deepened my understanding in my field of study. Overall, I am grateful for this enriching experience at such a remarkable institution.

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Mercy Mwambegu

MS Mechanical Engineering

Incredible Experience!

I am a Kenyan MS student pursuing a masters by Research in Mechanical Engineering at IITM. The university‘s diversity and global community have exposed me to different cultures. Its well-equipped labs and workshops offer a practical approach to engineering. The academic system encourages exploration and pursuing diverse interests. The knowledgeable faculty and research community readily share their expertise. Beyond academics, IITM provides opportunities for personal growth through sports and clubs.

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Peter Waiyaki

MS Sustainable Energy Systems

Amazing opportunity

IIT Madras is not just an education hub, but a growth hub for me. It has helped me discover my true self while pursuing my academic dream. The supportive community at IIT Madras feels like a home away from home. The wide range of opportunities, both in academics and extracurriculars, have pushed me to step out of my comfort zone, becoming a more determined risk-taker and critical thinker. At IIT Madras, growth and fulfillment are assured, depending on individual effort.

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