Photo of Prof. Ligy Philip

Prof. Ligy Philip

Professor-in-charge (Infrastructure)


Educational Qualifications

PhD 1998

Environmental Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

M.S 1993

Environmental Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

B.Tech 1990

Civil Engineering

M.G.University Kottayam


  • Fellow

    Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Fellow

    National Academy of Engineers

Research Interests

My Research interests lie in the fields of water treatment and rural water supply. I am particularly drawn to domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, with a strong focus on wastewater reuse and recycling. Additionally, I am fascinated by the concept of bioremediation, especially in regards to contaminated soils, air, and water containing heavy metals, pesticides, and other hazardous organic compounds.

Selected Papers


Role of inner-sphere complexation in phosphate removal by metal–organic frameworks: experimental and theoretical investigation

Vaishali Choudhary

Danil W. Boukhvalov

Ligy Philip

Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology


Feasibility of a Planar Coil-Based Inductive-Capacitive Water Level Sensor with a Quality-Detection Feature: An Experimental Study

Lakshmi Areekath

Gaurav Lodha

Subham Kumar Sahana

Boby George

Ligy Philip

Subhas Mukhopadhyay



Fate of carbamazepine and its effect on physiological characteristics of wetland plant species in the hydroponic system .

Manthiram Karthik Ravichandran

Ligy Philip

Science of the Total Environment,

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